CGM LABDAQ® Laboratory Information System (LIS)

State-of-the-art technology designed to meet the unique needs and workflow of laboratory environments

Whether your organization is a physician office laboratory, a pain management clinic, a reference laboratory or research facility, you need to leverage the latest analytics tools and technology to help you increase efficiency and improve profitability. CGM’s LABDAQ® Laboratory Information System (LIS) is an innovative solution designed to help you meet these objectives. This market-leading system offers rules-based decision support and automated processes that can optimize workflow, improve regulatory compliance, increase reimbursement and minimize errors.

CGM LABDAQ brings quality, security and compliance together in one easy-to-use system. This powerful solution is built on an Oracle database, the most trusted name in information technology. It is also HIPAA compliant and includes a special quality module that simplifies compliance and laboratory inspections. Plus, CGM LABDAQ seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of EHR, billing and reference lab interfaces, supporting Meaningful Use efforts and simplifying the processes required for data exchange. That’s why thousands of labs trust this solution to help optimize all of their internal processes—from order routing to billing and beyond.

Key features and benefits of CGM LABDAQ include:

  • A variety of tools to boost your profitability including order routing rules, medical necessity checking and billing interfaces
  • An advanced data mining tool that can help you identify actionable insight needed to improve patient outcomes and make more informed business decisions
  • Frequent updates and enhancements that allow it to grow with the needs of your business and the industry—eliminating the need to replace an outmoded system just a few years down the road

Thousands of clinical laboratories have already experienced the advantages of CGM LABDAQ first-hand. Learn how your organization can gain the same competitive advantage by requesting a product demonstration today.

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