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CompuGroup Medical’s Laboratory Division has been developing laboratory information systems for over 22 years. CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System (LIS) has become the foundation for over 2,800 successful clinical laboratories to provide quality care to their patients.

CGM LABDAQ will provide:

Total Connectivity. Maximized Profitability.

As Meaningful Use criteria evolve, the emphasis on electronic laboratory data sharing is a priority. Time is running out on the opportunity to collect government incentives. Incorporating clinical laboratory results into the EHR as structured data and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) of laboratory orders are Core objectives in Stage 2 of Meaningful Use. A bi-directional interface to a certified EHR satisfies these objectives.

CGM LABDAQ also provides connectivity to:

Laboratory Analyzers

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

Practice Management Systems

National and Regional Reference Laboratories

Laboratory Outreach Systems

State Health Departments

Tools are built into the CGM LABDAQ system to ensure your facility receives timely reimbursements. Medical necessity checking automatically confirms that diagnoses are appropriate for all tests ordered. Rules will route tests to the appropriate reference lab based on insurance, ensuring that all tests are reimbursed. Financial reports, such as the Cost Accounting Report will display cost vs. revenue for tests performed and provide you with data to make business decisions for your facility.

Data Security. Regulatory and HIPAA Compliance.

Preparing for laboratory inspections can be time consuming. Laboratory inspections will require less preparation with CGM LABDAQ. CompuGroup Medical works closely with regulatory agencies to provide you with tools to assist with compliance. CGM LABDAQ has an established record of updating software to meet new regulations and preparing for future changes.

When it comes to medical information, security is essential. CGM LABDAQ is built on the most trusted name in database technology, Oracle. The Oracle database provides optimum data storage, security, and performance.

Benefits of Oracle include:

  • Data recovery right up to the moment of failure
  • No data archiving
  • Backup process can be automated to run without LIS interruption or down time
  • Redundant hard drives can be configured to protect against downtime resulting from the failure of any hard drive
  • Optional remote data backup in addition to the local backups

Improved Workflow. Increased Patient Safety.

Patient care is of the highest importance for all healthcare professionals. CGM LABDAQ improves efficiency while reducing errors ensuring results are precise, accurate, and available to providers as quickly as possible.

The system will enhance patient care in your office with various features including:

• Accurate patient identification with specimen labeling

• Specimen and container requirements ensure specimen are collected correctly

• Real-time faxing, emailing, and result export to the EHR will ensure critical patient results are distributed quickly and effectively

• Automatic alerts for critical test results

In this fast paced environment, it is essential that we evaluate and improve workflow. CGM LABDAQ will automate the pre-analytic, analytic and post-analytic tasks, freeing up staff for other activities. Managers will spend less time training new users, creating greater efficiency for the organization.

CGM LABDAQ’s customizable design combined with a dedicated team of system integration professionals and software application engineers, makes CGM LABDAQ the perfect solution for your laboratory.

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