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The CGM LABDAQ system can be customized to meet your laboratory‘s needs now and in the future.

Options include:

Client Services Module

CGM LABDAQ Client Services Module is designed to help manage client information, improving the customer’s experience and service. It documents patient inquiries, tracks call history, flags accounts that require follow up and much more. In an easy-to-use, automated and consolidated system, the CGM LABDAQ Client Services Module allows total visibility of a laboratory’s performance expectations and quickly resolves issues and addresses questions.

Data Miner

The Data Miner tool allows users to query the CGM LABDAQ database and pull information that may not be accessible or displayed as desired in the many available reports. The mining tool provides users a time saving utility for collecting detailed information. Multiple queries can be built and saved for future queries, allowing easy access and rapid query generation. Users can also personalize views displaying just the information that is required.

Microbiology Module

The Microbiology module provides an integrated electronic worksheet for all microbiology results and associated comments. Microbiologists can easily document observations, order additional tests for ID and susceptibility, print specimen and media labels, and approve results. The Microbiology Module is flexible and can customize isolate results, general tests, media tests, and sensitivities. Reports are produced to display isolates and sensitivity percentages.

Scanning and Attachments

Important documentation isn’t always presented in an electronic format. With the Scanning and Attachments module, important documents can be scanned and stored in CGM LABDAQ . Documents can be attached at the patient or requisition level. Attachments may also include any file type without limitations on file size (additional hard drive space may be required).

Medication Compliance Module

The medication compliance module allows users to add prescribed medication to the order. The software determines if the testing results are consistent or inconsistent with the prescribed medications. The drug adherence report clearly depicts the testing results and the consistent and inconsistent status.

Medical Necessity Checking Module

CGM LABDAQ allows for Medical Necessity checking. This invaluable module provides all the medical necessity information you need to submit accurate lab orders. Using CGM LABDAQ Medical Necessity module with the CodeMap data files, both NCDs and LCDs, will prevent costly denials.

Specimen Storage Module

The CGM LABDAQ Specimen Storage Module documents the storage location of specimens following testing, enabling users to quickly and easily find stored specimens for retesting or sending to other facilities for additional testing. Specimen Storage is designed to provide reference laboratories and other facilities performing moderate to high-volume testing an opportunity for significant efficiency improvements.

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