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Document Management for CGM LABDAQ®

Document Management for CGM LABDAQ®

Assist lab managers with compliance using Document Management

Document Management for CGM LABDAQ®

Document Management for the CGM LABDAQ labratory information system assists lab managers with compliance by ensuring that lab staff has access to the most recent documentation while also recording the review of lab policies and procedures.

Managers will save time by assigning personnel to sign documents and will no longer be required to review procedure manuals to find signature statuses.

Key features of Document Management

  • Provides web-based, remote access to documents
  • Ensures documentation integrity by providing only the most up-to-date documents
  • Features an intuitive interface that shows due dates for documents pending staff review
  • Provides managers with access to overdue documents
  • Generates email reminders that can be sent prior to and after the due date if document review is still pending

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