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Specialized systems customized for niche laboratories

Specialized Systems

CGM LABDAQ® offers several different products pre-customized for niche laboratories

CompuGroup Medical has designed several systems to support startup or lower volume laboratories. Many practices have considered purchasing an LIS, but systems were cost prohibitive. One of our specialized systems can provide you with laboratory automation at an appealing price point. Each of these systems has the ability to expand to the full CGM LABDAQ as the laboratory grows and requires additional functionality.

CGM LABDAQ products include:

CGM LABDAQ POL is a solution designed for the lower volume physician office laboratory that includes all of the basic functionality found in CGM LABDAQ , without the complexities required for a high volume laboratory. The unique CGM LABDAQ POL system includes one workstation, up to three analyzer interfaces, EHR integration, and expert on-site training.

CGM LABDAQ Toxicology/ Drug Adherence

CGM LABDAQ Toxicology/Drug Adherence was designed to meet the needs of drug testing performed in reference labs, correctional institutions and pain management facilities. Statistical reports and medication reports for pain management are included in the CGM LABDAQ Toxicology/Drug Adherence system.

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