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The rules and requirements that payers have in place make processes even more complex and time consuming when tasks need to be completed manually.

CGM eMEDIX is designed with superior functionality that simplifies your revenue cycle, saving you time as your capacity to generate more revenue is enhanced.

With over 20 years of experience in claims management, CGM eMEDIX is an industry recognized solution that is credited with yielding superior turnaround time for claims processing, remits and real-time transactions.

Simplify your revenue cycle with in-built tools that enhance your productivity and increase efficiency. With comprehensive automation, CGM eMEDIX saves you time and money.

You can add more value to the management of your revenue cycle with: CGM eMEDIX ONLINE and CGM eMEDIX RCM.

As a web portal that is compatible with 3rd party practice management systems as well as CGM’s own practice management solutions, CGM eMEDIX ONLINE, gives you added versatility.

Take control of your cash flow with CGM eMEDIX RCM, a claims management tool that automates and streamlines claims submission, eligibility and claims status as well as denial management.

Innovative Features Include:

• Electronic submission for professional, institutional, and dental claims

• Real-time and batch eligibility verification

• Real-time claim status inquiry

• Electronic remittance advice (ERA) pick-up and document management in our searchable database

• Paper Explanation of Benefits EOB -> ERA conversion for those payers that do not support ERA

• Electronic print-and-mail statements

• Claim compliance checking

• Business intelligence reporting tool for both custom and ad-hoc reports

• Automated patient appointment reminders

As a dynamic reimbursement solution, CGM eMEDIX produces reliable results for organizations of all types and sizes.

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eMEDIX is getting a fresh new look: same great functionality with a modernized, cool blue and gray color scheme to enhance user experience.